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1. What comes first: The dress or the venue?

Choosing your wedding dress determines the venue for your wedding. Therefore, selecting a wedding dress takes precedence among choices, as your choice of a luxurious and royal dress will determine whether your wedding will be held in one of the luxurious halls or in a hotel with a classic touch. Opting for a soft and simple dress may be more beautiful if your wedding is on the beach or at a resort. Therefore, your first step is to choose the wedding dress so that all wedding arrangements align with the distinctive character of your dress.

2. The most suitable people for this task

You must make sure that choosing your wedding dress is specific to you, your personality, and what suits your body shape. These moments do not allow for more than one opinion. When you first come to Sponsa, our expert experts will select the right wedding dress options for your body shape and skin tone.

3. Here’s what you should bring with you to your appointment

For your first fitting, we recommend you wear something comfortable and easy to take off as you’ll be trying on a number of dresses that day. It’s important to be relaxed while browsing through our showrooms, so flats or a sneaker are recommended. If you’re considering getting different wedding party dresses, then that appointment is the time to choose all looks.

4. Professional tailors to make appropriate adjustments

After choosing the perfect dress for you, your measurements will be taken, and the necessary adjustments will be made to your dress. Our tailors are professionals. You should rest assured. Your dress will be expertly tailored to fit your body. We are capable of achieving the highest levels of precision in alterations.

5. Should you choose your bridesmaids dresses as well?

If you have a specific color palette that you want to incorporate during your wedding, choosing evening dresses for your bridesmaids should be a top priority right after finding your dress. Some people think that shopping for bridesmaids is an easy task, but it is not so

Sponsa provides a distinctive collection of evening dresses suitable for all occasions

It is also suitable for your bridesmaids and your mother

6. Walking in your wedding dress

If you have ever worn long dresses, you know how difficult it is to walk in such long dresses. As for the wedding dress, the story is completely different. Don’t worry; Our consultants will teach you how to walk correctly and elegantly in your wedding dress, no matter how heavy or multi-layered it is. In addition to choosing the right shoe height for you, our experienced consultants will take care of this task to ensure you look your best.

7. The final measurement appointment for the wedding dress.

The wedding dress measurement deadline is set a few days before the wedding date. Our consultants understand that your weight may fluctuate, so we make sure to take final measurements a few days before your wedding to ensure your dress looks its best on your body.

You should inform our consultants of your shoe height so that they can adjust the length of your dress accordingly. Please bring your shoes and jewelry to the final rehearsal to confirm all adjustments.

Don’t worry about the crown, headpiece or even the bouquet, Sponsa has it all for you.